You Pit Barrel Cooker Guys?

I use chuck roast…

Get a decent size chuck roast, if it’s huge you might have to cut it in half but doesn’t have to be.

Rub it down with whatever dry rub you like and smoke it till like 160, 170 ish, doesn’t need to be exact, just get a decent bark on it. Any wood works, I like hickory or oak on beef but anything works. I don’t care for mesquite. Should be 2-3 hours on running your smoker between 275 and 300° to get to that point but just keep a rough eye on it.

Once you get to that point wrap it in aluminum foil, I do a double layer in case you get a hole in it. Put it back on until it temps at 200-205 ish, it should be probe tender (no resistance to a probe thermometer or knife, etc.). This can also be done in the oven at 300 if you want since it’s done taking on smoke.

Once you hit 205 or probe tender take it off the grill and cube it up. I put the cubes back in a disposable aluminum pan, hit it with a light coating of rub again, and coat ‘em in whatever bbq sauce you like—preferably a sweet one so the sugar caramelizes. Put ‘em back on for about a half hour till the sauce sets up and serve ‘em, you can boost the heat a little if you want. I usually stick some tooth picks in and serve them to guests right in the same aluminum pan with dipping sauces. Everyone kinda stands around and digs in.

Works well for me done that way. I actually like those better than burnt ends because I’m not a super huge fan of brisket. Chuck roast is obviously way cheaper too.
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