WTF am I missing here ESPN???


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Just read this article and I'm f**king confused. Biggest concern for each Top 25 team. It's definitely post bowl game and talking about 2019. Ironically ia state is listed #20 and f**king Nebraska #24!!!
Could of sworn Hawks were ranked in the yr end poll ! Pretty sure our NFL departures should be on this list.
Link: one wants Iowa rated pre-season!

Iowa loses so much, will struggle, hopefully go 6-6, little hope. There is your recipe for a successful season.


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This is nothing compared to College Foitball News believing Wisconsin has the best QB situation out of any team in the West.


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Yeah...if you are looking for insight from ESPN, you probably are also a big fan of Keeping up the Crapdashians. It's the same mind numbing effect that results in a serious IQ drop.