so i eating some food in the food market when i over hear someone saying iowa is a football state its what we are known for....two years ago i over heard someone saying we were a basketball state!!!!!

are people really that brainwashed when mainstream sports are successful in this state?

iowa will and always will be a wrestling state in my mind. from pee-wee to the college level!

am i annoyed or am i right on this? i called into sports soundoff 2 years ago when i heard this clown talking about it being a basketball state should i call in again this sunday and give my 2 cents?
Well... yes, Iowa is a "wrestling state," but for the most part, no one gives a crap about wrestling (especially outside of Iowa, and even more especially outside of the scant few other geographical areas where its popular). So yeah, I'd say we're (also) a football state.

But does it matter? We're a wrestling state to some, and a football state to others.


Get it?
im mainly regarding our high school sports i guess...we are known for iowa hawkeye football of course! im talking the sport in general mainly is what our kids are known for but maybe its because i grew up wrestling
Oh yeah, no doubt. It's just that wrestling is a second or third-tier sport (if that) for most people, and I think for people to know about Iowa's relationship with wrestling, they'd have to be pretty big sports fans in general to begin with, thus making htem not a part of the majority. I dunno, I know what you mean, certianly. I'm just thinking more along the lines of if you were to ask 100 random adults across the country what sport Iowa is known for, I'd actually be surprised if a majority of them said wrestling.

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