Who is hyping Minnesota

If Iowa's offensive line comes together anything is possible. Minny will be a toss up game. A lot depends on what happens at Purdue. If Iowa beats Purdue they win out. Lose to Purdue and it gets tough seeing this team beat Whisky and Minny.
Wisconsin's much better than Purdue. Leonhard is just settling in.
Minnesota is two different teams: One, with Tanner Morgan and a completely different team without him. As several others have stated on this thread, they also have a pretty decent defense. If Morgan is healthy and plays against us, they have an edge, IMO.

My guess is Fleck will be looking for a QB in the transfer portal in the offseason.

The loss of Autman-Bell was just a killer. There passing game is very limited without him. Their OL rebuilt impressively, and their RBs are studs. It will be an interesting game.
Just looked at the NCAA D1 Defense rankings. 6 of the top 13 defenses are Big.

What does that really mean?

One clue, there are 4 offenses in the bottom 30.

3 offenses in the top 30.

Most of those top Big 10 defenses are either Iowa....
Or have played Iowa.
If you've played Iowa's offense and are not named Northwestern, your defense pitched a shutout in 1/8th of their games so far. That's a pretty good stat pad for your defense.
Tanner Morgan is just another Mitch Leidner. Can't win big games for shit. Eff MN. Let's keep the streak going.
I think in the first one he might have.

One of my favorite characters ever.


And he showed range in Top Gun!

Than Pray for a snowstorm :).

This is the worst Offense Iowa has fielded in Decades and certainly the worst OL KF has ever fielded..

Edit: I didn't even include Brian roaming the sidelines as our Offensive mastermind. Gives me chills just thinking about what this Offense will do on the Road in a hostile environment.
Have you recovered from your chills? Go HAWKS.

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