Watch 4 Division I Recruits (including Clark) in IC Saturday, Feb. 1


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I will be going to the City High vs. Dowling Saturday. Wanna sit together? I was told that there were only 8 people at the last City High game, and they were ranked #1 in the state. Wear red.

There is a great game tomorrow at Iowa City High tomorrow (Saturday ) at 1pm. Iowa City High meets Dowling in a girls basketball game a game that features four Division I commits:

Iowa City High Division I recruits
Paige Rocca, Missouri State University.
Aubrey Joens, Iowa State
Rose Nkumu, Marquette

Dowling Division I Recruits
Caitlin Clark, Iowa

It’s going to be chance to see a glimpse of the future.


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I just got home from the Iowa City High-Dowling game. I didn't ask for my money back. City wins 75-73 when Clark's halfcourt shot misses. Clark had 24 points in the first half, 8 in the third quarter, and 2 in the last quarter. Aubrey Joens had 23-ish points. One person couldn't beat a team.

Remember that this is a 32-minute game, so add 1-17 points to each team to equal a college game.

I was very impressed with both Joens girls (Iowa State and ?) and Rose Nkumu (Marquette).

Clark has an incredible touch. It will be interesting to see how she fares when surrounding by Division I talent. Her passing reminding of the problem that Pete Maravich when teammates couldn't handle his passes.

Tom Ward has already posted a few photos and I am sure there will more soon.