Wake up, little Carver, wake up, it is the official Indiana vs Iowa game thread


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Much of our rebounding struggles are just poor fundamentals. Shot went up 2 Hawks turned to the basket never put a body of Thompson and he had a clear path to the ball and uncontested dunk.


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Do our post players know how to guard without fouling? Granted there have been some touch fouls but they were fouls


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Did you all hear the tale of when Fran was sick and he got a substitute coach to come in and coach the guys for a day? The substitute coach said to the players today we are going to do some half-court defense drills, but the players looked on confused and said, "What is half-court defense?" Another player said, "We only shoot baskets, play knockout, and play horse here." Another player said, "Will we get some time to promote our NIL today?"

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