Todays other games

Martinez looked bad on that series, should have been picked 14-7 half-time lead. Has Nebby won the West yet?
Martinez took two shots in the two minutes I watched, now the announcers think he should run some designed plays. Sounds good to me, the indispensable player on your team rushing and taking hits.
Clowns 3-0 at half. To be fair Iowa was only up 3-0 at half last year and won 33-7. I'm sure ISU is trying to show as little as possible to Iowa.ooksike they'll need to do more than they hoped. I mean UNI is no Drake.
ISU finally scores a TD by focusing on running the ball. Purdy has yet to complete a pass downfield. Losing Butler could really hurt them offensively.
After Iowa states showing today I can only assume ESPN gameday crossed the Iowa/ISU game off their potential list with permanent black marker


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