"There are certain things that just aren't negotiable."

In addition to not protecting the ball I didn't think we did a very good job of taking it away either, with the critical point of the Nebraska game being a notable exception.

Phil usually produces a ball hawking secondary but the INT's generally weren't there last year. Our turnover margin, usually among the best in the nation, had to have been negative by the end of the final two games we played.

In addition to Ethan Hurkett's pick, one of the biggest plays of the year may have been Mason Richman stripping a certain interception from a Wisconsin defensive lineman deep in our territory. Might have saved the game.
The LBs getting INTS is the difference between a good Iowa defense and a great one.
I thought Tim Lester killed the PC today - hard not to like what he's about or what he said - now will it be better, I still have doubts.

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