The official Muck Michigan Go Iowa for the Big Ten Title Game thread

This is beyond pitiful

Take the MFing FG

What are the odds that we score on 4th Down

I am fearful that a slaughter is in the works

Prove me wrong, Migty Hawkeyes
At this point i want to be curb stomped by Michigan so hard no chance any future HC rhyming with parents is ever considered… there was honestly a part of me that was worried they would really finish out the season with a big 10 championship and the Rose Bowl win (Pac 12 can be beat by any one of thr too 4 BIG teams) and Brian would be named the successor
Well should have threw it to Goodson two plays sooner eying the line of scrimmage. I literally could run circles around Brian on strategic play calling. Not even close. Former offensive linemen are not usually going to be your best offensive coaches. Thus the Kirkster’s problem.
Oh boy only one more quarter of a team starting itself and then we get to go to a middling bowl that means nothing.

The tire spinning of Iowa football is legendary
Two defensive lapses ruined this game. The boys have played valiantly on defense considering the special needs offense.
I officially believe there is no fucking way we suck this fucking bad. We must have been paid off to let Michigan in to the championship to represent the Big!
basically what we have seen all year except Michigan is top 5 competition. can't get away with having a anemic offense against a top 5 team.

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