The official Muck Michigan Go Iowa for the Big Ten Title Game thread


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Take Pee tree out. He is staring down his receivers and choking on his throws. He throws the ball to locations where no one can catch them. Throwing not to complete passes but to avoid interceptions. Several throws were ill advised.

Game is over. Defense knows our offense that sucks so bad does not have the capacity to score.

Ok moron coach change QB’s and start building on the future because Pee tree is a dead end.


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Dammit, Kirk, if you had just an average offense and a competent OC you’d be in this game.

You screwed the pooch with your stupid nepotistic hire.

This loss is on you.


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That last 3rd down was so pathetic. He threw the ball away before any pressure. If you won’t even try to make a play, what’s the point?


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Hey remember when the outback bowl meant something?


There are 42 Bowls, going to one is not special

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