The official Muck Michigan Go Iowa for the Big Ten Title Game thread

This whole thing is about our OL being outsized, slower, and just plain out matched. These young guys don’t have the football ability to play against a DL like this.

We should be damn glad we’re not playing Georgia or Alabama right now. Either of those teams would be up by 28 over Michigan right now.
Have you guys seen a weaker rushing attack ever at Iowa, even Weismann and those dark days of playing The walk on running back our rushing was more dangerous.
Do we see Padilla in the 2nd half???
Petras is living up to his 97th ranking in passing eff. and 93rd in pass completions.
1st drive of the half:

1+10 - Goodson up the gut loss of 3

2+13 - Bomb down the sideline to Johnson, 8 rows into the stands

3+13 - Goodson up the gut for 2 yds.

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