The Official Duck Hunt your way to the Sweet 16 Game thread

Total fucking disaster over the last two minutes. F

This is a f'ing repeat of the Gonzaga game. Lousy defense to start, the they start shooting out of their minds, Iowa just can't keep up.
This is embarrassing. Just a pathetic defensive effort but even when we play good defense they can't miss. We obviously aren't winning this game.
Up 4 to down 10 in a blink. Great way to close the half. Well maybe someday before I die Iowa will make the Sweet 16 (I'm 44). So that's a maybe.
At least nobody outside of Iowa and Oregon fans has to sit and watch this lol.

This will go down as a game that no one remembers which is probably good
Iowa was down 6, with the ball, with 40 seconds left. You MUST get to half-time no worse than down 6. Iowa is down 10.
If we keep playing zone you can just pencil us out... They are too good of shooters and they aren't missing. If we don't D up and rebound we are toast simple as that. Garza could go for 45 and we won't win....
This went about as poorly as it could. Oregon can't miss and we're afraid to shoot. Then we fucking foul them on a 3 to end the half. Well maybe next century we'll make the sweet 16.
80 more years ... sounds about right for Iowa BBall.