The Hawkeyes shred the Wolverines' season B1G CG thread 2023

She has said in the past that hires are approved by her. She is the overall boss. KF thinks he is and has been under the weak knee Barta. But it's a different world with BG.
Yeah, that's another world that is never going to happen, nor should anyone want it. The coaches bring in the money. If they are the winningest in school history, coming off a double-digit win season the coach has all the control over his assistants. Do you think the Michigan AD is running a real tight ship? But they retain Harbaugh-a guy suspended twice in the same season, for cheating. Or Alabama or Georgia? The donors and media people don't care who is the AD, unless there is some bad scandal that a coach just cannot survive.

ADs are easy to replace. Successful coaches aren't. Technically, she is the one who approves the coaching hires, but she won't be turning down another hire. The Brian situation was unique because of the nepotism employment policies and practices. Who ever said above it should have been done at the end of last season is probably right.
I wouldn't be a bit surprised if we're not listed in the final CFP rankings. This is depressing. I was truly optimistic coming into tonight, but as a seasoned Iowa fan I should've known better.
Zero to one. Ostranga with more development.

And I like Dunker. He is a mauler in the run game. Reminds me of Bortz and Scherff. Sky’s the limit for him imo.