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Many of you have listened to takedown wrestling radio before and it is a good program for the sport hosted by Scott Casber and friends. Well, now those of you in Iowa that have Mediacom as your cable provider will be able to watch a 30 minute show every week from TDR. It's a great start and good for the program. It's just nice to see wrestling on tv and hopefully they do well.
this is great tdr has a great service and their interviews are great can't wait to watch them on my mediacom!
You can also watch episodes on your PS3, Xbox360 or a media center attached to your TV.
Using a free copy of TVersity Pro you can add all of these to your TV in just a couple seconds

1) After you have installed TVersity, open it and go to Library.

2) On the left side, you will see "Sources", click "Video RSS"

3) In the Video RSS text area, add one of these:


FLOWrestling -

4) It will take a couple minutes for the feed to pull in the media files and prepare them for viewing.

5) Boot up your PS3 or XBox360 and go to the "movies" section... Click "Search for Media Servers"

6) After about a minute TVersity & Your PC will both show up in the media center display- Click TVersity.

7) Scroll down to Internet & Media RSS to find your new feeds.

8) Click the video you want to check out and it will begin streaming.. If it lags or becomes choppy pause it for a minute to allow some time to download the video.

complete intrusctions at

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