Say something nice

Hill will be ok. He will get 1st team reps next week. Receivers dropped many Catchable balls.
He was accurate and our receivers weren’t ready. I imagine our coaching will F them up this week but there is hope: all I ask, oh and win.
Cooper is electrifying and brought the crowd to life

Williams ran w/ purpose in the 2nd half

WR got a high percentage of the play calls

Stevens was a weapon
It was won in typical Iowa fashion. Defense and special teams. Brian should not get to count defensive or special teams scores. We need to move forward from this. If we continue to improve this may turn out to be a good season. I would like to see more throws out of the two tight end set. Ostringa has impressed me everytime he gets a touch.
Higgins tackle count is increasing like a hot slot machine..........62 for the season now.....................and Jackson isn't far behind