Saban Calls Out NIL Abuse

Great to have lived long enough to see the snake oil salesman being beat at his own game. Love the fact that he and his program who have been buying and poaching talent for years, doesn't like the fact that schools can easily and legally match his crooked boosters with NIL endorsements. Of course he's angry, he just lost his competitive edge, kinda like a gambler who lost his cheat. Plus, shut up about him being a great coach, almost any D1 coach when given the best talent in the nation can do what he does. The surprise is how many times he's lost!
Shoot, Saban Boasted about how his QB got a $1 million NIL, basically telling his boosters to open their wallats. Guess Jimbo is better at persuading his boosters to pay uo.

aTm, buys the #1 recruiting class, Iowa buys a D2 punter. Sad.
Saban, and others, are saying the combination of NIL + transfer portal is not sustainable.
They are correct.
What is the solution?
I think it is... Coaches and ADs just don't want to do the adjusting. Is it more work for them to rerecruit their own rosters every year along with recruits? Sure it is but so what. If they don't want to do it then retire or go do something else and let those that are willing to do it. Why is that not an option?
I'm all for NIL for the original intent (autograph signings, t-shirts/jersey sales, etc.), and I realize money under the table has probably been going on in high school recruiting for decades. But there should be some rules put in place.

Legally this probably can't happen, but the National Letter of Intent should have a 'buy out clause' in it to allow for the players to transfer, but also let the original school to recoup some of their investment in the player. For example, if Kentucky basketball wanted CJ Fredrick last year, then they would have to pay Iowa the buyout to get CJ out of his letter of intent. Iowa could then turnaround and use that money to 'buy out' a replacement player from another school or use that money to give more NIL dollars to remaining players.

Again, I know that would never happen, but players being free agents every year to go to the next best financial opportunity seems unsustainable.

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