Robbins to Vandy not a huge loss


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This move was proof he was never coming to Iowa to begin with. I am satisfied knowing that the Iowa staff at least reached out, despite likely knowing they really didn't have a shot to begin with.
Seems like it. Ya miss every shot ya don't shoot as they say. Fran isn't shy about going after guys he wants. But if the kid wasn't seriously considering us it is what it is.


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All that is great, even though for most Hawkeye fans, the season ended a few games early. But frankly, time marches on and if JoeW does as well, we have about 30 points a game returning for next season and really nobody that has shown they can carry a team with consistent scoring. Yes maybe our D will be better, but maybe not. With McCaffery continuing to strike out on his first choices in the the transfer market, it looks as though next season will be a major step downwards. Other teams in the B1G are improving and we are at best, standing still, and at worst, totally rebuilding.
Which Big 10 teams are improving? So far all I've seen is a bunch of players leaving.


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Maryland has supposedly improved enough to lead the league. Nebraska has a five star center coming in. Indiana has supposedly improved by the transfer portal. Michigan has the #1 recruiting class in the country coming in. Michigan St. always has great recruits. Illinois is adding some good transfers and freshmen. The bottom line is we are surely NOT going to be improved.
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Kid sounds like a flake.....3 schools in 3 years?

Might be the way things go now

See ya later, Lads

I'm Moving on.....

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Not going to lie here, getting Robbins gave me more optimism. Under Fran I truly believe he would have at been at least a 15 and 8 guy. Which is what you would likely got from Nunge. Lot of things still have to play out, but as of now, losing out on Robbins is a big loss.

It's also a loss because he'd be 1 hr from his hometown. Isn't like Iowa was trying to pull another BIG to Iowa from an area he didn't grow up. The young man grew up in the backyard of Iowa City.