Reece Vander Zee Chasing Opportunity at Iowa

I don't think you are helping or making any friends!

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@Fryowa have you been to Carroll Street Sweets in Rock Rapids

Favorite part of my interview. Cool deal for he and his family.

As my waistline would indicate, I like ice cream sandwiches
I have, we actually used them for our monthly safety appreciation deal at work a while back. Every 30 days with no lost time injuries we have a lunch time treat for everyone in the plant and office.

Great people, glad you got to come to RR.
I once in a while get a half gallon of Breyer's Natural Vanilla or Blue Bunny Natural Vanilla

Ingredients: Milk, Cream, Sugar, Vegetable Gum [Tara] Natural Flavor

Growing up in Philadelphia there was a drug store on almost Every corner

We used to go to one every day to sit at the counter enjoying a cone full of Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream, made in Philadelphia for 5 cents a cone, ice cream hanging over the cone


I used to make a half gallon last a while, used to put a spoonful in my morning coffee along with a dash of
Myers Rum

Double Damn

Yeah I grew up being able to make the old school ice cream by mixing it in those huge wooden barrels with a bunch of ice cubes on the farm. I didn't enjoy it as much as I should've at the time but looking back being able to do that with my Gparents was about as cool as it gets.
I interviewed Vander Zee via Zoom, so I did not get to Rock Rapids. If/when I do make it, that will be my first stop, after the bathroom.
I think Howard is like 6'4 but he came in with no fan fare and literally no other offers. I get the feeling he's not very fast. The only thing that might keep Vander Zee from seeing the field much early is I don't think he's even 200 lbs on his 6'5 frame. Bulk him up to 215 lbs in a yr or 2 and we have something big time then.

As far as right away goes the kid is still tall and fast. Have a package of plays for him (much like I suggest they do with Brevin Doll) Put him out wide anywhere inside the redzone and if he's got a 5'10 kid on him let him go be an athlete. I'm not saying try it 20 times a game but why not a couple or even once?

BF was terrible about integrating freshman into the offense at all it seemed like. He wanted kids to know the complicated playbook cover to cover before they saw the field it seemed like. Just so frustrating.

Yeah, we have to get better about simplifying the offense enough to incorporate guys early. Lester was able to do that with young WR at W. Mich, hopefully he can repeat it here.