Perspective for a moment - two fold.

What does this move Frans NCAA record too? Too many players never get a chance to see the NCAA tournament, he often gets his teams there only to perform worst than anyone other point this season. Effort wasn’t there. His teams seem emotionally exhausted by the time they reach the tournament.
That was one of @lightnings arguments years ago. This team exhausts so much energy running its own offense that they have little left to play the other end of the floor. That Fran pushes them too hard in practice. That guys should occasionally "take a possession off" by just standing in the corner for an offensive possession.

They sure looked gassed at the end of the season. Look at their three point shooting from the Northwestern game on.

Ultimately, I think they settled to their appropriate level. They pulled off three impossible league wins this year (Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State)

When it evened out, it did so at the worst possible time.
Yep another disappointing display by Iowa. what’s coming in for help? Another crap recruiting class while other state schools have a lot of talent coming in. Fran,like Kirk, refuses to use the transfer porthole,can’t recruit so what’s to look forward to in the future
If you think their incoming class is crap, you've paid zero attention.

How soon they're ready to contribute is another issue.
No not at all if you read my posts. To paraphrase..

Pearle would give Iowa open looks and play scrum in the middle. He would force CM and PM TO SHOOT. He would force CM to create..or try. He would smother Murray and Flip. Iowa handicaps themselves on offense by really playing 4,3, or 2 on 5.

After watching the game Iowa only had 3 players that could compete but were smothered by odds. Murray, Sandfort and Ullis. Perkins couldn't really.
Go back to my posts in the February 19 game vs Northwestern.

My worst fears were confirmed. That was not only a loss, but a blueprint for other teams on how to beat Iowa. Clog the middle, pack it in.

We burned Indiana, and Michigan State late on a once in a lifetime comeback. Everyone else from that game on worked that plan to perfection.

The player it hurt the worst was Perkins. He needs driving and pull up lanes to be effective.

When threes aren't dropping those lanes aren't there. And by the way don't pick on the Mac Brothers. Murray and Sandfort were missing open looks as well.
Mediocre but deep and athletic.
Exactly. I told my wife after that game that while Auburn was athletic and could guard us, my thought was that they weren't really that good of a basketball team. They got hot (lucky?) in the second half for about a 5-7 minute stretch and hit some threes. That put us down by 17 and that was basically the game.
Mediocre but deep and athletic.
Was speaking to the results. But yes.

I don't think hawk fans as a group understand how weak the Big is and how non athletic and poor at basics Iowa is. What I s remarkable is how Iowa won as many games as they did.

Murray and Flip got mauled because of a lack of a plan and lack of support cast.

Been saying this for years. That lack of being taught shooting skills by the family is the issue. Also large is the lack of ability of Iowa to set hardcscreens by design and ability with their backs to the basket.
Exactly. I told my wife after that game that while Auburn was athletic and could guard us, my thought was that they weren't really that good of a basketball team. They got hot (lucky?) in the second half for about a 5-7 minute stretch and hit some threes. That put us down by 17 and that was basically the game.
Iowa upped the intensity and Auburn matched it.

Iowa has no answer to play inside. No plan. This is why FM really doesn't belong.
All of this stuff above confirms that my decision to be a casual BB fan is the right one. I think I watched 6 games this year at the most. If that makes me someone who's not a real fan, then that's just tuff titty
Perspective = here come the excuses.

You can dance around it (pun intended) all you want...Fran has a grand total of 4 NCAA tourney wins in 12 years. That's pretty weak.
Only thing that should matter here is the bottom line. And that is…redface has 4 tourney wins in 13 years and doesn’t sniff the second weekend. That’s really all that matters. If you really feel iowa is a bcs-level school then that’s your measurement. And in that measurement…it ain’t there.
I didn’t even watch it because I knew what would happen. The perspective is we’re good, good every year with a toe dipped in mediocrity. If we make the tournament we will lose the first game.

But it’s better than Lickliter so we all need to be grateful don’t you know. That’s the company line right?
I think in many ways Fran probably got more out of this team than most expected. I did not think this team was a tourney team from the start we had in the Big Ten. I also wonder if fatigue set in. They overachieved much of the season and gave us some awesome games, but then also some letdowns.

It just looked like this team was gassed the last few games and did not really have that fire or intensity. First half was much like that in not getting loose balls and being outrebounded. But then you would see spurts where Iowa tried to counter that with a little push. Just didn't think they had much in the tank.
yeah, my point is I think most people thought this was going to be a .500 team.

I'm not saying I'm feeling satisfied... but I don't think anyone thought this team was going to make the postseason at the beginning of the year.

I think you made a good point in your OP when reflecting on the expectations. But, Iowa seems to have the same issues every year which is non-effective defense and a team that can't play tough enough with more athletic teams.
I simply find Iowa basketball boring as hell right now. We need more athleticism, but when he recruits it, it sits on the bench behind mediocre athletes like his two sons. Bowen should have been playing all year, not Connor.

The recruiting really isn't there. Fun team to watch at times, but a run in the NCAA will never happen with Fran.

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