Penn State Under Joe Pa and This.... Before Sandusky - ESPN


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Interesting very long read. Maybe it's been brought up. Not doing this to slam PSU, but to look at the whole culture behind sports and its influence. Not only was this guy a very bad dude, but he also got worse after the conviction while out on bail awaiting sentencing. The judge died shortly after, but there is no real good reason why he released this guy. This was going on while 60 Minutes was doing a program on Joe doing it right. Btw, the local media even refused to call him a PSU player or even a former player. An interesting ending about black players stood behind the white female student who was brave enough to stand up when others wouldn't. 40 years later, that player and the female rape victim married.

Gawd. That was a looooong read. Didn't read it all in the end. It's literally a book. What a mess and what a puke.

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