Official other NCAA Tourney Games Thread (1st Round)

Purdue melting down was the easiest thing to predict, ever. It isn’t an indictment on the conference, it is just Matt Painter and Fran have a lot of things in common.
They both know a thing or two about choking in this tournament.
History being made, Lads

Purdue going DOWN

Fran not looking so bad now

Matt Painter has failed over and over in The Dance

Purdue was ranked Number One for weeks early in the season

Leave Britney Alone GIFs | Tenor

Why Mighty Jesus, Why
The game was likely over, but why the f is the Purdue guy driving to the basket, down 5, with 8 seconds left??? Dude, you have to launch a three immediately to have any chance!
I thought Memphis would be the one that clipped them. They couldn’t get out of the first round.
All submitted by women who don't watch any basketball (no offense to women) that pick teams based on colors and "cool sounding names" or those that submit 75 brackets just so they can claim that they called the upset. There's very little logic involved LOL.
My buddy’s wife picked Furman and Princeton because she “never heard of them.”

The rest of her bracket is pretty busted though so it’s in vain.

My 16 year old and his buddies do brackets every year in school, my kid always does and extra one that has Iowa going all the way. He picked Furman in that one lol.
How embarrassing would it be for the BIG

If the boilermakers go down in infamy

Second Number One to lose to a Sixteen seed in tournament history

Matt Painter appears to be rather pissed off heading into the locker room at the half
Realism can hurt. FM is a terrific coach....right?