Official other NCAA Tourney Games Thread (1st Round)

Great way to start B1G! well, its early. I am trying to finish up my work for the day so I can sit and watch and drink beer and eat chips and salsa for the rest of the day........................
I picked Maryland in a few brackets

Then I realized that coaching, quite frequently, will decide the issue

Bob Huggins is a sly dawg

And JoeT
Down go the CAVS.

At least they weren't a #1 seed!

Busted almost everyone's brackets

A No. 16 seed has beaten a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament once. In 2018, UMBC defeated No. 1 Virginia 74-54, marking the biggest upset in March Madness history.

Princeton over Arizona is a heartbreaker for everyone's brackets
Good Night, Irene

It is beyond baffling how poorly we play in The Dance

Of course, I will watch until the final second ticks off the clock

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