O line?


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It's recruiting misses.

We have exactly 1 senior offensive lineman on the roster. One. And he's not even 6 feet tall by his own admission. I'm 6'1" and standing next to the guy after the Spring game I easily have two inches on him height-wise. Fellas, Fryowa should never be significantly taller than a P5 starting O-lineman.

We have 2 freshman starting at tackle and guard. That might seem really awesome, and it would be if they were kicking ass...but they are the ones getting their asses kicked. When your best O-lineman are freshman at those spots and they are getting beat every play, that says that you have no sophomores, juniors, or seniors better than them.

We have a former walk-on sophomore at the other tackle. Again, that would be cool if he was getting the job done, but he's on his back or chasing after a guy about to sack his QB more often than he's blocking.

That's a recruiting issue when you have underclassmen coming into a B1G who can't get the job done starting over older guys who've been in the program longer. That's bad development and coaching, you say? Even with zero coaching and zero development, a high school kid not named Wirfs or Scherff etc. should not come into your building and beat upper classmen who've been in the Iowa weight room for 3-4 years.

Ohh line. maybe that is one reason why there is a new Oh line coach. I duno. When I write the book about the Iowa Offensive Line It will be titled.

The Young, The Injured and the All American.. The confounding foundation of a perpetually inept offense.