O-Line Update


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Goodson was a very good back and it looks like he has a real shot at making the Packers 53 or at least practice squad. But, as has been said on here before, his style may not have been the best fit for Iowa's scheme, especially with a young OL. I am excited with the more downhill, one-cut backs we have coming into this season, along with a more experienced and beefed up OL.


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I am not defending the OL, but at least part of those TFLs came from Goodson dancing around too much in the backfield and not just trying to break through a small gap when a big hole hadn't opened up.
You are wrong about too much dancing. Small gaps? Ha Ha. 300 lb. D Linemen, yeah.


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They were 2 of the best Ends in all of football last year they did that to every OL they went up against. Kinda bad comparison.
Not really, in my opinion. If Iowa had solid tackle play last year, it may have slowed down those superstar DEs. I'm not saying that we would've beaten Purdue or Michigan, but we maybe wouldn't have totally imploded on offense. Teams were in the backfield immediately on us, and Iowa fans only said "FiRe Bf" and "pEtrAS suX". While those comments may be relevant, it's a team game and our line sucked last year.

MSU beat Michigan, for example, and PU wasn't exactly Alabama.

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