Nick Jackson


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Thought I saw something yesterday about him becoming a Hawkeye via portal. Anyone else see that or know any update ?
To me, this is the second biggest portal get behind McNamara. LB is the thinnest room in terms of returning experience, and this makes up for losing Jacobs. This kid is plug and play as a starter in a position of real need

Yea, he's been a starter for 3 years and been on different all ACC teams at the end of the season. Big get.

Wonder why the change of scenery for him?
Jackson is a monster get, as with him and Jay Higgins patrolling, the Hawks are right back to doing what they do on that side of the ball...YUGE!
This is an amazing "get". Some feel it is our top transfer addition, in terms of production. The guy was all conference in the ACC.

Having said that, our QB acquisition was awesome. Overall, good stuff!!

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