Michigan or OSU. Do you have a preference?

If we lose, and then Michigan vacates wins after the NCAA investigation completes, then we are the B1G champs, right?

The Michigan vs Iowa championship game will be the final game of the historic Big Ten Conference in my estimation. The 2024 version is a continental conference and it will eventually have consequences for the original members that built the interest and fan support.
Too many superior, big play athletes on Mich. Corum and Harrison are better than anyone OSU has. I cheered for OSU today , but no dice.
Don’t matter. This game is going to be won by 50+ points.
Exactly. I can't believe the line is 21.5 other than the fact that outsiders think we can keep UM from scoring. The O/U of 34.5 shows that. Seems like easy money, but I'm not sure I've ever been right about that before.
You guys are setting yourselves up for being pissed off again. It’s easier if you don’t do that. Don’t be a dummy.
I have more fun dreaming of shocking the world. I have learned to not let the disappointments get to me very much. I can still dream until next Saturday evening and who knows the Hawks just might surprise us. It’s happened before. Go Hawks.