Michigan or OSU. Do you have a preference?


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We don't have anyone that can stay with Harrison, but their QB is decent but that's it.
Michigan has a better QB but am more worried about them gashing us on the ground like they did last year.
The 2 teams have the top 2 scoring defenses in the nation.

Not gonna lie. I don't like our chances with either team. If I had to pick one, I'd choose OSU because F Harbaugh.
I'm inclined to say Michigan as our D does a good job against the run......but JJ is also throwing strikes. Will be tough either way.
I usually would cheer for Michigan over OSU but the sign stealing debacle has me hating Michigan. Michigan is looking like the better team to me so far.
In terms of the game, there is no way I can root for Harbaugh (and that goes all the way back to the '85 season).

In terms of which one we play? Well, that's kind of like choosing between being mauled by a bear or a school of piranha...
I said earlier this year that Michigan was better this year than last year. You see I saved Michigan and not Ohio State in the suicide pool. I only chose Geogia today to end the competition.

No chance next week, but what the hell we are the West champs and what an accomplishment given our poor offense and then all the injuries. Hats off to the Hawkeyes to get to the B1G championship game.