Make your last minute Iowa seeding predictions


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I'm going to say a 9 seed and we have Alabama waiting for us if we get passed the first round. Right in Alabama's backyard.
8/9 game against FAU. Both teams score a lot of points and I think they'll put us together to see a fun 8/9 game. I'm not crazy about the matchup. Not sure I want to play a 30 win team no matter who they've played this year.

I also think they'll put us against Alabama in the 2nd round. Hopefully our perimeter defense is ready because I've heard they're good shooters.
Final guess: 9 facing 8 FAU for right to play 1 Houston.

Hoping for: 10 facing 7 Missouri for right to play 2 Marquette.

Would be happy with: 9 facing 8 Auburn for right to play 1 Houston (or Kansas).

Would hate: 9 playing 8 Memphis for right to play 1 Alabama.
Houston? That's a terrible draw for Iowa... if Iowa even gets past Auburn. Houston's guards would make Iowa's players look like they are standing still.