Lack of Experience/Super Seniors


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It seems like EVERY team, BUT IA, has a million 'super seniors'. In theory EVERY TEAM could have returned ALL 22 of their starters in 2021.

IA returned, it seems, less than every team we've played, ESPECIALLY up front (OL, DL). And this area, above all others, EXPERIENCE is so important. And this is especially true for IA, as we are a DEVELOPEMENTAL program (not loaded with young 4/5* recruits).

This, above everything else, I think, is causing our demise. Dam Covid and it's extra free year.

That all being said, soon, all these super seniors will have to graduate, or at least start to count against scholly limits in upcoming years. So, then, I think the Hawks will have an advantage over other teams. At least that's my hope!