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JBo sez “I might be a little late for practice today coach, I just got done with penetration drills and dropping bombs on MelroseHawkins’ wife. She opened up both sides of the court for a little open gym sesh. Her backcourt game is slamming. A little loose, so I stepped back and rained on her all day. PMac and ConMan may be late as well, they were there. I can’t believe she wanted to take us 3 on 1. But, oh did she ever. She’s one of the best ball handlers I’ve seen. She kept moaning something about not ever being satisfied with her game until today. Said she’s never had it so hard. She wants to run it back with the entire team 1 on 1 next time. We are all literally drained from going up and down, in and out, side to side….all day! And then when she paid us at the end, I just knew NIL was legit.”

You obviously don't know my wife.

Nice juvenile attempt though.