Iowa's worst player!


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Our spot is on Myrtle, it's about an 8 minute walk to there from the stadium. We're right up the hill from the Myrtle/Riverside Dr. intersection (which is Hwy 6). You can get out of our spot pretty easy, but no way in hell are you going anywhere once you hit Riverside. That's why we hang out for an hour and a half or maybe a little longer. Id rather pack up and sit in a lawn chair warming some brats up and watching the other B1G games on my neighbor's TV than sit in traffic. I mean, why put yourself through that when you can just relax, and you don't have a lot of choice in the matter anyway.

I've never been to Indianapolis, but I've been to a hell of a lot of other stadiums and arenas, and the vast majority are disasters to get out of. PSU football took us 2 hrs to get out of the parking lot and we drove another 2 hours at about 15 mph
I had exactly that same experience at PSU. Yuk.


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CHA needs to go. The fundamental design of that thing was flawed from the beginning with the main concourse being at the top and everyone walks down to a seat. This isn't the primary reason fans aren't going to games right now but it sure is a contributor.

Design a modern / multi-sport arena that has a main concourse around row 20-30 with primary food court(s), drinks, etc. on this level and an upper concourse with a more basic services (food, drinks, restrooms, etc.). I've been to a game this year and sat row 9ish. Getting up and down those stairs wasn't fun.
Bohannon sucks. All he can do is launch 3s. And not very good at that this year. Everyone has his number. He cant beat you off the dribble, and cant play any defense. I despise him and his 7 year 3 point record.