Iowa/Wisconsin Game Thread

Hawks were down 15 when my out-of-state son called and I turned it off. How did they climb back to within 4 at halftime?
Brock Hardings coming out game, other than the ill-advised three that didn't hit the backboard

His D is very good and similar to Gabby Marshalls style

Good game by the Hawks, fighting back and

Even Brauns serious foul

Krikke playing tough

Have to against the nasty badgers

Honey Badger Grit: Honey Badger Vs. Killer Bees on Make a GIF
They may actually win this one.

Not likely as the last 5 minutes of a game when the hawks are ahead don't go well.

They run the shot clock down almost every possession and then take bad shots. And I like Fran and his style most often.
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Free Throws are life's blood

Hawk women win at Ohio State

Hawks win today making one missed free throw in regulation time

So it goes

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