***Iowa vs Purdue Game thread***


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Everyone is looking for the problem with the offense. Offensive line is subpar. Play calling is conservative and predictable. QB holds onto the ball too long and is wildly inaccurate. The zone run scheme is just slow and outdated.


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You have to think more losses are coming if Iowa can't light a fire under their offense. At Wisky and Nebby? Ugh. Even going into the Minny, NW, and Illinois games we will all be nervous.


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I mean, tip your hat to Purdue. They out-talented Iowa on the Dline and at wideout.

For as much as Ferentz touts one game at a time, they don't walk the walk and come out ready against teams they should beat.

Scott Leclair

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Got it figured out:
No way in hell the NCAA could have Iowa #2 in the country with how they play offense. So NCAA used the NIL and gave the entire Iowa team $$$ to take the day off and have a local
high school team dress in their places. I say this as there is no way in hell any of this game made sense. From start to finish. No way that was Iowa defense out there today. That wasn’t Caleb kicking FGs. The offense, ok well maybe that was the iowa offense out there today.