Iowa State Is A Tire Fire

This post didn't age too well. Iowa State had the worst offensive performance that I've ever seen in an NCAA Tournament game. "Tire Fire" is too kind.

Call in the EPA, the Tire Fire is out of control!! 41 points? Seriously?

Makes me think of a story going back to my childhood. I suppose my buddy and I were about 10 or 11 years old or so and doing what boys do. He lived by our small city dump which was behind his house. We were down goofing in the dump as we did on occasion as it was by the river.

Someone obviously had illegally dumped a pile of tires in the dump which was supposed to be for tree branches and leaves. This was a particularly large pile and several feet high. We did as boys do and just starting chucking rocks in the tires for no apparent reason. After some time a small stream smoke started to rise up from inside the tires. This in no time began to grow and before we knew it black tar smoke and that very specific smell erupted. In a matter of minutes a flume of back smoke rose to the clouds, and we could see the hottest red flames coming from withing the tires.

This was right on the edge of town but I would still say within the city limits. Of course, we got the hell out of there as we thought we were in trouble.
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