How do we win another game with an Oline this terrible?


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I can't believe some people thought he ever had any draft stock potential at all.

Tom Brady was never a runner even when he was 20 years old or 24 but Brady knows how to slide around in the pocket and is so quick with his release and decisioins


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Actually I did based on some of his throws, tall and strong, but he would need a great Oline.

After watching him freeze multiple times today I dont think he has it for the next level unless someone really coaches him up for quick reads and a little more accuracy

His draft stock was purely based on being 6-5, 240, having a strong arm and being durable


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Doesn't each one of these coincide with the Hawks getting a new O-Line coach?

It always seems like it takes a year plus for the new coach to align with the Flying Ferentz'.


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I just told my friend that Iowa is an 8-4 team, that’s what they’ve been for 20 years and will be for the next 20. It’s the ceiling you can get to (on average) when your recruiting rankings are in the 30’s and you are a development program. That’s an 8-4 program.

Sure they’ll hit 9-3 occasionally, however the 7-5 year will average them out.
Iowa always has the potential to go in the tank. Iowa dances on a fine line of winning games they should and pulling off one or two upsets. I see a year when Iowa gets snakebit like Nebby and loses 4 to 5 close games. It is always a fear of mine. At some point Nebby, Minny, and Illinois will catch up with us. Sooner if we don't get this offensive line figured out.


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I don’t come here to have stuff I said years ago used against me. That’s why I got married.
You know what they say about the's out there forever.

It does illustrate a couple things:
- This year is not the one-off "we have a bad OL this year" that many on here imply. This is an ongoing problem in recent years
-The 2019 team OL had both Wirfs & Jackson at tackle and a pretty good supporting cast. If we don't have a capable OL with those guys, I think we have another problem.

Might indicate the underlying problem could be scheme and not necessarily a lack of talent