Has Iowa ever hosted as much talent as Nebraska recruiting this weekend?


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Interesting to see the Huskers are hosting 4 ***** and 14 (!) **** players, plus the obligatory gobs of *** players on campus this weekend. Got me wondering if Iowa has ever had that much talent during one recruiting visit on campus at the same time.
Nebby is unquestionably heads-and-shoulders above all at doing less with more. They can invite all the pretty recruits they want and dress them all up in Cornshuckers clown gear, but in the end, they are desperately flawed recruits just by virtue of the consideration to visit such a depraved and depressed place...
The cornhuskers are as irrelevant as the picturesque scenery driving across that wasteland of a state
It's impressive that their NIL can pull that many recruits to their shitty campus. If new coach has unlimited resources and a contract that says he gets 4 years Nebby could be a force in a couple of years. Depends if the crazy fanbase can restrain themselves and let the coach work.

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