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Well, you chase that NBA dream until its absolutely certain you are done. Then go to Europe and enjoy the rest of your 20s. Save save save. Its better than a real job!!
There should be twice as many teams. Forming a new league, much akin to the old AFL in pro football. When the old league survived, then won the first Super Bowl, it was proven to be equal in talent.


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JW has had a couple tough games to start. Think he had 5 pts in each of them. Hopefully he can settle in and start hitting his shots.

I'm not sure when Garza gets started but can't wait to see how he does too. I saw that his coach Casey had a quote talking about having seen him work out a couple times now in person and he was surprised at how good of a shooter from 3 he is. I hope he isn't telling on himself by admitting he didn't scout him very much. Because it wouldn't have taken much scouting to know he can shoot. I mean come on. The guy routinely in workouts can knock down 20 strait. I wonder what the most he's ever hit in a row is in a workout but I bet it's more then 20 which is pretty damn impressive unless you're Steph Curry or Klay Thompson or someone like that.

I just think Garza is going to make all those teams that passed on him wish they hadn't. He just works too damn hard all the time. He won't be the dominant mostly inside guy that we saw. In the NBA his game will evolve. But he'll be damn good I have no doubt
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