Does anyone think that Fran complaining about the Portal help Iowa?

He didn't have NIL in place to get a big last year, I can't put that too much on Fran. How much can you step up when every other place is paying players and you're not? Iowa is not competing well in basketball NIL from most accounts but this year they landed what was consider a top 5 Big available in the portal

Last year should have been a rebuilding year, after losing a top 5 NBA player and the most dynamic 3 point shooter in school history, but it wasn't.

The year before that should have been a rebuild year, because Iowa lost Luka Garza, arguably the best player to ever lace em up and they also lost Joe Wieskamp to the NBA, but it wasn't.

Iowa has 2 four stars coming in the next class and some decent pieces to build around that have experience. By most accounts, next year could be one of Fran's best classes, so I believe Luka and Keegan and Kris have all helped recruiting. It's not enough though, Iowa needs money
It will be an interesting team next year. If the pieces come together who knows. 18 win season is possible. I really have no idea what this group will do next season. I really like the players coming in. Iowa has solid returners could surprise. I'm keeping an open mind.