CFB Playoff Thread


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Washington wins the first spot in CFB Playoffs.
If MI wins, they're in.
FSU wins they're in.
If Texas wins, and Alabama beats Georgia, who gets the last spot?
I think UGA still does. Their loss was to a much better team. I guess you could also make a better argument for OSU in that case.
Lot of offense and creative plays on display in the championship games.
Perhaps Brian is taking notes and will insert a few of these in the game tonight?
Next year twelve teams will be in the playoffs. Unless the next Offensive Coordinator brings in a dynamic quarterback or Cade comes back in full strength we will be sitting on the coach watching twelve teams play each other.

Something has to change or nothing will. This conservative “get my eight or nine victories” for my contract extensions and pay raises isn’t going to cut it.

Kirk has showed the inability to change philosophy his whole career. The disenfranchisement against Brian I think goes deeper than just Brian with many fans.

How many teams does the playoff need to expand to, to incorporate Kirk ball??? We have been wasting three great years of defense because of the lack of offensive creativity.

Just sitting here watching Alabama taking the win. Now what???? Do they jump over four other teams to get to the playoff???
It is not about the four best is about the four teams that deserve to go. Is Alabama one of the four best teams in the country? Yes. If Michigan and Florida St. win, does Alabama deserve to go? No.
Game might be over in the first quarter

Punting is our strength

And they return one to the 4-yard line