Brian is the new QB coach

Does anyone think that Woods teaches the finer points of kicking to the place kickers? How about the punters?

No, he probably doesn't. That is what all the summer kicking camps are for.

No one seems to have a problem that he doesn't teach them technique....
Well who amongst us is surprised? If ever there was a move that shouldn't have surprised us it's that... I mean I'm tickled pink Hodge is coming on He'll be great. Dude is a top notch human being and I've heard some great things about him the last few yrs as he's bounced around getting his coaching wings different places. Bringing him on under about any capacity woulda made me happy.

That said of course KF just puts the QB coaching hat onto Brian. It's the lazy/logical way to go. Most OCs with BFs resume are looking for a new gig. The last thing KF wants to do is try hiring outside for either an OC or Qb coach if he can help it. I tend to agree with most of the media who I think wish KF wouda brought in some new blood for it. However if he did would it even matter? End of the day they are handcuffed to doing things KFs way. BF is too.

I thought BF might be able to put his own more diverse touch on the O but really all we've gotten is that they go for it on 4th downs more often. Not that they spread the field and create mismatches to take advantage of (Like Purdue I have man crush with how Brohm calls games) If Iowa could integrate some of what they do with our passing game good grief we'd be tough

I am/was just hoping for more of a Kyle Shannonhan influence with this offense. More creativity within this zone blocking scheme. Imagine Bruce, Johnson or even Charlie Jones taking on a similar role as Deebo Samual.
I am/was just hoping for more of a Kyle Shannonhan influence with this offense. More creativity within this zone blocking scheme. Imagine Bruce, Johnson or even Charlie Jones taking on a similar role as Deebo Samual.
Bruce can be quite the Samuel type of player I think. There's a limitless amount of ways we can use him. We have skill players I don't think it's a talent issue. It's a schematic play calling issue mostly. I mean we won 10 games last yr for peats sake. We have the horses just need a better jockey
Chuck Long's first coaching gig under Hayden was as a DB coach. Guys flip flop on both sides of the ball all the time. Reese Morgan went from d-line to o-line. Abdul will be fine.
I was listening to B1G Radio this morning when I heard about this hire from Anthony Herron. He said that it is common for coaches coming up the ranks to coach on the opposite side of the ball from what they played as players. That is how you learn the entire game.
If this fails, the Ferentz era is at an end. If it works, we will be a playoff contender for years. ^crosses fingers*
Called it, O'Keefe's position was created for him and leaves with him. Brian will now be able to show the QB's how best to receive the snap from center then Kirk will have his QB kneel the ball on first down to prevent turnovers and let the Defense win the game.
Abdul Hodge is being hired as the TE coach.
2 thoughts:

1. Love seeing Hodge coming back to the program
2. WTF...they really don't think QB play is an issue, do they? Kirk's gotta be trolling. Didn't think going all in on Brian was the answer here

Pete Thamel

Source: Iowa’s hire of Abdul Hodge as TE coach marks a change in responsibility of Iowa OC Brian Ferentz, who switches from TE coach to QB coach. Longtime QB coach Ken O’Keefe stepped down in February
Nothing about this is shocking. KF said he wasn't going to radically change the offense, just keep working hard to make it better. KF has not changed in 23 years. He values loyalty and stability and hard work. If that aint your cup of tea you are wearing the wrong colors.

Getting Hodge in the fold was a very good move. The man can coach by all accounts. Teaching is teaching. He will do just fine and he will further bolster our Florida connection for recruiting. Love this hire.

I am not saying BF coaching the QBs is a great move, but BF is more than qualified to do so, and having him coach the most important position on the field may not be a bad thing. Our problem at QB the last two seasons has not been that the boys aint being coached up enough. We just don't have enough talent in the room. Hopefully the light turns on for someone in that room soon.
There are successful coaches that never played high level football so I its possible Brian will be successful and I will wait to throw Brian under the bus. I am disappointed, I wanted to see a QB coach that knew the mechanics and had played QB at a high level.

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