Bret Isn’t Going To Make 60

Impartial view here:

I don't know your history with the other poster, and I am not going to even comment on the topic debated. Hopefully you see me as someone fairly reasonable not looking to stir shit up.

This back and forth with threats to ban based on a comment that was fairly innocuous: not a good look for a moderator.

I appreciate the work you do here to keep the board up and running, it is probably not worth the compensation. We all get tipped over the edge now and again, no judgement.

I don't think he was even remotely serious about the ban comment but merely pointing out a point.
Kind of reminded me of Mike Mangino, the old Kansas HC when they went to the Orange Bowl. Wonder if he is still kicking.

When seeing Bret, unfortunately the word "rotund" pops in my head. I'm not making light of the situation and I do wish him well.
You bringing him up got me curious too. I remember him being really really big so I did a quick google search and this was him earlier this yr. He looks to be not too bad now he's significantly lost some weight and looks better. I couldn't tell you if he's had surgery of some sort or what but he looks a million times better then he used to. Maybe he should reach out to ole Brett..
This isn’t meant to make fun of him; he’s got 6 and 4 year old daughters and a wife. My old man didn’t stay on top of his health and he was gone at 57, it was hard enough for me at 27 to lose him. If his kids are in grade school it’s gonna be worse.

Also not going to sugar coat it, Bret not only looks easily 425lbs (the guy is 6’4”), but he’s gotten to the swollen red-faced stage where you can tell that coronary disease and fluid retention is grabbing hold of him. Fluid retention in a guy that big means congestive heart failure is right around the corner. He’s obviously got sleep apnea as well which is deadly, and the combination of all that together means if he doesn’t get his poop in a group soon he’s not going to be able to move enough to get in shape. And then it’s a fast track to dead.

Hope he figures it out sooner than later for his wife and kids.
He's a Hawkeye. A good coach. Seems like a good guy; good husband and father. The Illinois fans love him.

It is all meaningless if you don't have your health. He needs to drop the weight. It is very, very hard to do.
This might be the informative discussion on any football site.

Seriously, these testimonials are precisely what it means when people say "if I knew now...", I probably would have watched my diet, gotten off the carbohydrates and sugar, maintain a steady hobby that required activity, etc....

BB is young enough to still listen, and he should.
Good for both of you! Do you know Chop from the 3 mile house? He had procedure reversed and as big as ever.
We ate at his supper club less than a month ago, though it wasn't the 3 Mile House. Chop tried to retire about seven-eight years ago and sold it.

Meanwhile the Kall Inn closed around the same time after the Kahle's retired, and about four years ago Chop came out of retirement and so did the Kall Inn. So that's where we ate. Not a bad time to reopen as the massive Coconut Cove campground and mini Waterpark opened about a mile up the road, Sandy Hook Tavern is booming, and Hook owner Ashley Lawrence is redoing the legendary O'Leary fishing barge and has bought the rec area for potential further development.

As for Chop, he is dangerously large. Has to be pushing four spins and lost his brother Jube to heart disease a couple years ago. By the way 3 mile is still good as well. They do ribeyes however and I prefer sirloin.
I lost about 65 pounds three years ago and was developing diabetes. I see a guy like Bret and I just want to tell him how much that extra weight is ruining his life, but he already knows that. If he won't do it for himself he needs to do it for the people in his life that love him. I would be happy with Bret coaching Iowa when Kirk calls it quits. If he makes it that long.

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