Big Ten Journey on BTN........?


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On now and talking about close relationship between Sapp and the two key players on MSU team. Very interesting as I didn't know this.

Good win for Iowa even though Sapp did not have a great game. I was impressed how we looked half way through the second half when Uthoff and Woodbury weren't in there. We actually started to pull away at that point and went from being tied to a eight point lead. The future for this team looks bright.
This Journey is awesome. Sapp should be standing very very tall! Glad he chose the Hawks. I for one was rather down on him and wanted him to sit. Boy did he prove me I was wrong. I like when he puts up the 3 ball! One tough competitor.
Awesome perspective on these 3 players and gives one a whole different view of the MI State duo. We all greatly dislike them when the game is on but they all are obviously pretty grounded kids with great upbringings. What a cool story and it has worked out well for all three.

Also props to Izzo for letting Sapp come home each summer to work out there with his buddies. A lot of coaches probably wouldn't allow that and it may have had a lot to do with Sapp shutting down Forbes.
Does Denzel have a twin or is he an older brother? Saw a few shots of him but never really said.