Big Ten Expansion

What's best for the conference & Iowa?

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Could they drop a team so it really is the Big10 again?! :)

I'd actually rather just play a round-robin and play three non-conference games.
I want a state school preferrably Nebby but settle for Misery. I wouldn't mind seeing both and maybe Pitt or Syracuse join on the East
Don't forget, kiddies: the Big Ten Conference is an academic community as well as a means of organizing a series of sporting events. Because of this, I'm willing to go on-record as saying that because of their exceptionally poor academic rankings/standards that there is NO WAY Cincinnati, Kentucky or West Virginia will be offered admission to the Big Ten. Mizzou and Nebraska are no prizes, either, though they could be considered... they aren't nearly as bad.

BC, UConn, Rutgers and Syracuse are probably the best choices, but they're pretty pedestrian in terms of their overall sports history (especially football). Notre Dame is the best and most obvious choice, but that isn't happening... sigh.
Drop Northwestern and Iowa. Pick up Notre Dame, Rutgers, and Cincy

I love hearing all the Cyclones/Nebby fans talk about big ten expansions. Even though they've spent years bashing the big ten, you know if we offered them the spot, they'd come running! Deep down, the big 12 knows who there daddy is!
If either Texas or Mizzou joins the Big Ten, and by all accounts they both want to, the Big XII will fall like dominoes.
1. Missouri
2. Nebraska
3. Notre Dame
If we can't get any of the above, then I simply don't care. Top 3 would benefit Iowa the most. Missouri would be perfect for Iowa's recruiting in St. Louis/KC.

Nebraska/Notre Dame both bring tradition but the Big Ten has plenty of that. May be better for the Big Ten as a whole to bring in one of these two schools but Missouri helps Iowa out the most.
I originally voted for "Add a nearby state school: Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, Rutgers, West Virginia," but I have since developed a more informed opinion.

Notre Dame, Texas or bust.
I don't think adding MO would neccessarily help Iowa's recruiting that much. We seem to do well down there as it is. And by all accounts MO may say they are interested in the B10-but they are afraid to play Iowa in football. Screw them. Bring in a real school like Texas...that would help Iowa's recruiting in the lone star state, something I think most would agree is infinitely more important to Iowa's recruiting than Missouri.

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