Apparently Rutgers Likes to Blitz.


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1663868811400.pngLeading the BIG in blitzing on plays. O-line is gunna have to hold and the young RB's need to pick up the blitz. This could make for a loooooong day if Petras can't read and burn them on it.
I'll be curious to see what our strategy is to combat that. So far our plan hasn't been working.

Petras looking at Rutgers game film, but then.......


Brian comes and pats Petras on the back and says he had a great practice and all was well.......but not really.
Run blitz and run blitz some more, the blueprint on attacking the Iowa offense has been out there for 18+ years. At this point, you just shrug your shoulders, either the coaching staff figures it out on how to counter or it turns out to be a shit year.
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I say we start walk-on Chad Powers, he’ll throw it deep and get it there. Just wish he some eligibility left. I wonder if Petras met him at the Manning camp?
BF will show Rutgers that they dont scare him and not change a thing. We will do what we always do. When you have a game pan in place for 20+ years, you tend to stick with it.

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