#3 Hawkeyes - #14 Hoosiers Game Thread

Very much a quality win.
Indy is a very tall, lanky team.
Hawks took them out of their inside game.
Damm good defense.
But turning pro would be a bad business decision-unless she rakes it off court with commercials etc.
After the 200th viewing of the State Farm commercial I suggest a 5th year at Iowa!

Truthfully, I tend to agree that a 5th year would taint her records as much as I would like to see her in black and gold next year
Just finished a celebratory bowl of Caitlin's Crunch Time cereal! Lucky to get a box. They sold out in about an hour!

What a second half: 41 - 20 Hawks! Best D they've played in a long time. And that balanced scoring is so good to see!

Ltlltl Molly Davis carried the team early

She was unstoppable and is fast becoming a solid factor on offense when we are covered
and need points

Hawk D was very good this game and when they settled down they stymied the pitiful Hoosiers

They were really playing Caitlin tight and she just passed to ball for a dime or 10

Takes a while to get those defending her to have to sit on the bench in foul trouble

This team is starting to Gell quite well, the bench is contributing nicely

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