2021 College Football Survival Pool


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We're back! Wow - Okie stirred the HN pot!!

So I'm gonna wing these rules and hopefully it works out for this week. If not, I guess we bump a week with HN down.

Everyone left: me, @Robowe , @BrianFerentzForPresident , @MNHawkeye89 , and @PlatypusMessiah ... the final five!

Pick a game this week (it must be a Sat game this tight) and post it. Once all 5 are posted, make your picks of all 5, in a single post, before kickoff.

A little wonky week with the site down. If it doesn't pan out, this week will be a wash...

If it does pan out. The most wins WINS, ties advance.

THE SHEET: https://bit.ly/3DtC4Nn

Go Hawks!

Thursday edit/update: because this week is wonky with the site issues, and in the interest of everyone's time, I'll give it until 11pm tonight for the other 3 to get their game picks in. If they don't, I'll fill in the rest with the lowest spread Vegas line games by tomorrow morning. That will give us about 24hrs or so to pick a winner of all 5 and we aren't waiting for 2 posts each. If all 5 survivors don't see this and don't get picks in by 11am Sat, this week is a wash.
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Week 1: Notre Dame over FSU
Week 2: Iowa over ISU
Week 3: Oklahoma crushing Lil Debbie
Week 4: Oregon over Arizona
Week 5: Coastal Carolina over LA Monroe
Week 6: SMU over Navy
Week 7: SDSU over San Jose St.
Week 8: Cincinnati over Navy
Week 9: Wake Forest over Duke
Week 10: UTSA over UTEP
Week 11: Oklahoma over Baylor

Figure with only UGA and Oklahoma available I'd be absolutely demoralized if I went with Georgia this week and then watched ISU knock off Oklahoma to ruin me. Georgia's probably the safer pick this week, but no way I'm letting ISU break me.
I‘m slime.. Georgia was your only choice to win because they play a FCS team this week. Couldn’t bring myself to point it out to you.


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Alright, let's add in the Oregon @ Utah and we've got all 5. Picks due by 11am CT tomorrow. Ping! @Robowe

Oregon @ Utah
Iowa State @ Oklahoma
Wake Forest @ Clemson
Mich St @ Ohio St
Texas @ West Virginia


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My picks:

Oregon @ Utah
Iowa State @ Oklahoma
Wake Forest
@ Clemson
Mich St @ Ohio St (I really want to go the other way on this one but I'll believe Ohio State can lose a B1G game at home this late in the season when it happens)
Texas @ West Virginia


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Utah over Oregon.
Iowa St over Oklahoma.
Wake Forest over Clemson.
Ohio St over Michigan St.
Texas over West Virginia.


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Alllllright. Week is a wash. Meh. Oh well. I'll stick to what I said (little dictatorish lol).

Game picks for next week due EOD Tuesday. Winner picks due by 11am Saturday.

Go Hawks!