2021 College Football Survival Pool


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It's that time again!

A big shoutout to @Fryowa for taking the reins during the bizarre 2020 season! The sheet has been updated to lock it into the history books.

If it's your first time playing, or you need a refresher, here are the basic rules:

-Pick a team you think will win each week. Week 1 is again going to be an oddball, but maybe will get more folks in who miss week 0. Even though there are a handful of teams who will play twice, for our pool WEEK 1 will be games on Saturday, Aug 28th - Monday Sept 6th.

-You can only pick a team that is currently undefeated.

-You can only pick an FBS team that is playing an FBS team. (don't bank on other players calling you out to help. Google it if you're not sure about a team)

-You can only pick a team once per season!

-If the team you pick wins, you survive to the next week. If necessary, we will pick up-to and including "Bowl Week" to determine a winner

-Picks must be made before the kickoff of the game you pick (based ONLY on time stamp of your post) or will be a DQ. They must be made public on this board, NOT a message to me.

The schedule: https://www.ncaa.com/scoreboard/football/fbs

THE SHEET: https://bit.ly/3DtC4Nn

The prize: bragging rights. Etch your name in HN history along with @Stanzi , @MNHawkeye89 , @InGoodCo , @alabamahawkeye , and @DDThompson.

Go Hawks!
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Week 1 Nebraska

I know, I know, this one is a toss up but the hot seat is on high cook for the Nebby Coach.


Wait, so is Week 0 the 5 games that are this Saturday? Are we skipping those and starting with the games "true" Week 1 on Sept. 1/2? Sorry...first time I'm actually going to participate in this and just want to make sure I'm picking the right week.
Yep he’s counting week 0 and week 1 games as the first week.

His first bullet point above says he’s counting games on Aug 28th through Sep 6th

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