1. B

    Wisconsin game Nov 11th

    All, Heading up to Madison Wisconsin for the first time On Nov 11th. I am wondering if anyone has recommendation on where to tailgate? Also, anything else which I should do prior to the game?
  2. Hawknick

    Wisconsin Bad-ger dance

    The Wisconsin Bad-ger dance is a violation of ncaa rule 9-2 as excessive celebration following the last rule change. It states that no excessive, prolonged, or CHOREOGRAPHED acts are allowed and results in a 15 yard penalty. Their stupid run dance is at the very least violates the choreographed...
  3. S

    4 Iowa/Wisconsin Tickets for Sale

    This could be a battle of two top ten football teams. Once I get season tickets, in the next couple of weeks, I will have 4 tickets to this game for sale. If they are the same as our other sections(asked for extension and was granted) then they are in SEC 213 row 9, right on the end...