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    Norm Parker at JDRF Event in Johnston

    First time I got a chance to briefly talk with Norm. Very nice guy and funny as heck. During his speech he said now that he isn't DC any more the Hawks should blitz more. You can tell he is a very caring and generous person. He talked about being out recruiting and going to High Schools and...
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    Norm Parker and the Future

    First of all, Norm is great. His defense is the #1 team in the land in scoring defense. Bend but don't break works, and he has all the pieces he needs several rows deep to run it like he wants to. He's welcome to stay and coach as long as he wants to. We love you Norm Parker. However, he...
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    VIDEO: Norm Parker on coaching and what Clayborn and Hunter think of Parker

    YouTube - Norm Parker on Coaching Video I did on Iowa Defensive Coordinator Norm Parker. Parker has some great lines in it and Adrian Clayborn and Jeremiha Hunter are featured in it, too.