1. andrewdowns

    Winter Sports Athletes Might Get an Extra Year

    This could mean big things for Hawkeye seniors in hoops as well as Spencer Lee's bid for four NCAA Championships. Would Garza and Bohannon come back for another year?
  2. tweeterhawk

    What's Fran's ceiling at Iowa?

    The boys over at Black Heart Gold Pants have semi-debated a question I've been kicking around for a while. We've experienced Fran McCaffery for seven years now, some good, some not so good. In your opinion, how good of an NCAA men's basketball coach is he? How far can he take this program...
  3. DunderMifflinHk

    Hawks in the NCAA Tournament:

    Now I'm not predicting that Iowa is going to make it to the NCAA tournament but it's fun to see what they would need to get to, to make it possible. Here are some interesting facts: Lowest rated teams to get at-large bids (ALB): #67 USC, #64 Marquette ('11), #63 NC St ('05), #63 Stanford...
  4. D

    NHSCA Update and Middle School Nats Update

    NHSCA Senior 160 Paddock loses a tough semi-final matchup to Dakota Jaurez 2-1, Man I almost think 170 woulda been better for Burke he's Tuff. Dakota is tough so not a bad loss he's under the radar. Aaron paddock wrestled 170, soph divison and finished 2-2. Great job Aaron! 160lbr Danny Bush...
  5. Hawknick

    Wisconsin Bad-ger dance

    The Wisconsin Bad-ger dance is a violation of ncaa rule 9-2 as excessive celebration following the last rule change. It states that no excessive, prolonged, or CHOREOGRAPHED acts are allowed and results in a 15 yard penalty. Their stupid run dance is at the very least violates the choreographed...